The Classic Cleanse Details

The Classic Cleanse is:

  • Fueled by the freshest, nutrient-dense foods available.  All blends are vegan, gluten free and soy free.
  • A simple and natural way to flood your body with more vitamins and nutrients in a single day than you would normally consume in probably an entire week.  This is not a traditional starvation detox but rather a nutrient flood to your body.
  • A path to healthier eating habits, less sugar and processed food cravings which in the future may lead to weight loss and an overall positive well-being.  You will feel energized and amazing!
  • A delicious blend of approximately 15 pounds of fruits and vegetables that will help promote clearer skin, increased energy levels and mental clarity.
  • Designed to reset your system back to its natural state, flushing out toxins, and creating a clean slate from which to start building a healthier and happier YOU!
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