Sooner Touch Down Chili

Touch Down Chili! Can’t believe we are sharing this but here is our family recipe for the absolute BEST plant based chili…ever…and it’s so easy! “Boomer!” Can we get a “Sooner?” Heat in large pot: 2 tsp olive oil And add: 1 large onion, chopped.  Cook for 3-5 min. Add the following: 1 package Beyond […]


Fiber and the Benefits of a Whole Foods Diet

By Dr. Rich Is fiber just a bulking agent that improves the number two? Or, is there more to fiber than meets the eye? We used to think that fiber was simply a non-digestible component of the food that we eat. However, we now know that fiber is actually digestible by gut bacteria. This has been shown to […]

Keeping Your Telomeres Long — The Holy Grail of Longevity?

By Dr. Rich Here’s another compelling reason why I believe a whole foods, plant-based diet is the key to a healthy body and a lower risk of age-related illnesses and cancers…Telomeres. What are telomeres, you may ask? This is a very important question, so let’s dive right in! Telomeres and Shoelaces The National Institutes of Health defines a […]

produce storage essentials

Produce Storage Essentials

Produce is a standard in the American household. A produce section is always featured prominently in our supermarkets, and young urban adults have made local farmer’s markets a hip trend, yet adequate storage of fruits and vegetables seems to be an elusive trait amongst so many consumers. Not only is an incredible amount of money […]

plant-based vs paleo

Paleo Diet and Plant-Based Eating

By Dr. Rich “New” Paleo The Paleo “revolution” has sparked controversy and debate among plant-based nutrition advocates and those who espouse a “caveman” approach to diet.  However, if we look at the true paleolithic diet from thousands of years ago, it much more resembles a plant-based diet in the actual nutritional content.  A 2010 study […]

Holiday Survival Guide

Ediblend Holiday Survival Guide

  By Dr. Rich As everyone knows, the holidays are extremely difficult to maneuver from a healthy living perspective. The classic cycle that most people fall into is that they do pretty well during the summer and early fall…until Thanksgiving. Then we over-eat, over-drink, over-indulge and feel overly stressed. This leads to guilt and self loathing […]

Project Orphans

Join us as we NOURISH 17 Orphans for 7 Months!

During November, join Nourish Drink Café as we partner with Project Orphans to NOURISH 17 children living in the Project Orphan homes in Uganda and Guatemala.  The donations raised will provide healthcare, daily meals, and education needs for all of the children. Project Orphans is a non-profit focused on building homes for orphaned children through […]